Free entertainment and education for the extra time at home - inc free streaming trials, colouring/crafts offers, keepfit apps and more

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Updated today with some more links

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Firstly, I want to thank this community for already providing some really valuable resources, threads, and generally just helping each other out during this difficult time. Community is really important at a time like this, and it's amazing to see everyone coming together and getting on with things as best they can, and helping others.

The guys over at MyDealz have an amazing thread (image heavily inspired ^^), listing some of the things we can do for entertainment whilst indoors, so I thought it was maybe a good idea to collect all the UK offers in one place. Quite a few were sourced on site, so i've tried to give credit wherever possible.

If you see anything I've missed, please be sure to let me know via PM or comments and i'll happily keep adding to the list

Office Work

Audio Streaming


@BuzzDuraband , our resident Games Master, has a brilliant resource of threads to help keep you entertained.

Want to play online with friends? You can get a free trial for online services:



Take a look at the awesome thread created by the one and only, @millarcat . It has LOADS of stuff to keep the kids amused. Here's just a small selection;

School / Learning

(massive thanks to @azrah12 for covering these in their thread)

Educational Youtube Channels

Also take a look at the BBC Learning pages, as they host a massive resource of links, guides and courses!

Sports / Fitness

Video Streaming

Want a more detailed breakdown on streaming services? Check out the Video Streaming Services - Which one's for you, and what do they offer? thread.

Other Apps / Links

See also;

and in case you missed them...

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