Free online Adobe Photoshop including free 2gb storage

A free to use editing suite incorporated into PHOTOSHOP.COM
The site is no where near as complex as say CS4 nor does it have many of the features.
What you do get is plenty of tools to upload and tweak your own images and add special effects free.
You also get a personal webpage linking to your images making it a great way to share photo's too.


Great find! Heat and rep added! They're really working hard to catch up with freebies like Picassa etc. I like it!


Photoshop is the dogs..........

Hot as lava matey

not for uk.

Original Poster

Not for UK is simply on the selected location when signing up. Your address is not required, it's just that there is no other option other than United States in the location field. I've signed up and am using it now. It's really good for a free app and I use both CS3 and CS4.

Erm - just tried it and it looks pointless (unless you want the 2gb integrated online storage). However it does have a nice slideshow.

If you want an editor, then you should at least try out one of the (many) free editors instead. I've listed three windows programs below.…tml

Linux users will most likely know about Gimp et al. anyhow. is good too

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So where's the link for this fabulous find?

You can try this one: ]http//ww…php

I always recommend ]Faststone Image Viewer to my customers who have no picture editor. It's an image browser, converter and editor that is easy to use and free! They do other stuff as well.
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