Free Online Karaoke

Sing karaoke online in your web browser. Practice your singing and increase your score. Challenge your friends in becoming the next karaoke champion. All you need is a microphone, built in or connected to your computer



Easily one of the best websites I've been on in a long time!


Youtube can also be used as a free karaoke site


Just given it a's quite cool!

im loving it, i've just sang the scientist by cold play, cant wait to get my friends round to join me :-D

heat & repped :thumbsup:

how are they funding it?

nice find

absolutely brilliant

surely this is slightly better with larger sang bank ( haha im an online karaoke fanatic :p)]link

I love it!!!! Thanks

Brilliant! where can i get a mike?

That's cool mate:thumbsup:

Hope it's gonna be free forever.

Hot for sure

Love it!

Have some heat!

neighbours need to get their ear plugs ready !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brilliant site, heat & rep added :thumbsup:

When I click on sing nothing happens!!
Any ideas.... flash player updated
Sorted now looks good but bad for the neighbours

fab site, only i thought i could sing, now i have doubts, it sooo hard!! Peeps you will need to post your scores, my highest so far is 4903 :\


Youtube can also be used as a free karaoke siteEditJust given it a … Youtube can also be used as a free karaoke siteEditJust given it a's quite cool!


Hey.....the radio can also be used as a free karaoke site. (and cd's....and cassettes....and vinyl....and live concerts...and....)


LOVE it great find added to favs.... heat added:thumbsup:

7222 Wonderwall first attempt. Need more practice. :oops:


You have to sign up to singsnap, with this site you don't.

great find keeps you singing in tune:whistling:

singsnap is much better, much more songs,but im sure karaoke party wont be long catching up

just what i needed...not!

good for a luagh tho

Just what I've been looking for...since trying karaoke on a ps2 at a party...thank you xx:thumbsup:

Thanks for posting your find.

Have moved this to Misc as it's not technically a "freebie".

Some really fab sites, I'm guessing the first one gives you a score based on your notes and the other two records it and other people rate it?

Quite like the idea that the computer is the only one who'll hear it!

Just checked the bird singing "I kissed a girl" by putting the mic infront of the speaker, and she only scored 4500, not much above me.

Well done col for 7,000!
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