Free or cheap domains?

    Hi people

    Does anyone know where I can obtain a free domain or a low priced one.

    Thanks in advance


    they're already cheap, it's like £5 for a year, how much cheaper do you want?


    Get British Business Online

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    is go daddy any good

    Avoid 1&1, good for first year or two, but when you want to switch or end good luck. They screwed me over on 10/12 domains and tried to take me took court, a few times
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    is go daddy any good

    Been with them a few years and cancelled 1 or 2 and no problems. There are a few out there that love trying to charge you a renewal before you agree even if you didnt opt in. And after your 1/2 year contract with some if you try and cancel thats when they show their hand

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    I've used GoDaddy and 123-Reg and prefer GoDaddy. I found configuring the domain settings (DNS, etc) more difficult with the overly complicated 123-Reg menus. Was a simple set up with GoDaddy. DNS took ages to propagate with the domain I registered on 123-Reg too, but I'm not sure if that's the fault of 123-Reg or some other body...
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