Free or Cheap HDD Upgrades using CeX TradeIn

    I've been considering adding to the storage in my home PC but have a number of smaller HDDs leaving no room to add a new disk (1 SSD, 4 HDD and a DVD-ROM takes up the 6 SATA ports).

    I have 2x320GB and 2x160GB = 960GB

    CeX will buy the 320GB for £15 each and the 160GB for £10 each.

    I can then use the £50 to get a 1.5TB drive on one of the many ~£50 deals popping up.

    I imagine plenty of people will be in a similar situation. Sell a bunch of smaller disks and it may pay for an upgrade by itself.

    CeX Buying prices for SATA disks to 1TB

    1 TB - £25
    750GB - £22
    640GB - £20
    500GB - £17
    400GB - £16
    320GB - £15
    300GB - £14
    250GB - £12
    200GB - £11
    160GB - £10
    120GB - £9
    80GB - £3



    Moved to Misc - Thanks for the info,

    Do they test it? I have a few lying around and I don't know if they work.

    Yes they do test them so may take a few hours if you have a shed load.

    My local (wakefield) does a 'fast' format and will only take 3 at a time, prices arent too bad. I did the same by using the cash from CEX to get 2 Samsung 1TB drives from Scan.


    Their testing isn't that rigorous.

    I need a cheap one if anyone is offloading
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