*FREE* PC Bits Clearout

    Free, on the condition that you give at least a fiver to a charity of your choosing and you arrange a courier.

    Items as follows:

    One Belkin 6 port hub (10/100)
    One Netgear 4 port hub (10/100)
    One Netgear Wireless G WGR614 v4 4port

    Power supply tester, 20, 24 pin, sata, molex, 4pin, 6pin, 8 pin, floppy

    Floppy disk drive

    Adsl filter

    PCI NIC, 10/100

    Various USB/firewire headers, some USB only, some USB + firewire, one USB + mini and full size firewire.

    Various splitter cables from various graphics cards I've had over the years, a few from a camcorder.

    Old style Xbox 360 AV cable.

    2x 3 connector IDE cables

    Couple of 5 meter network cables

    Couple of mixed USB cables, printer cables, mini USB cables etc.

    PCI firewire card, 2 full size connectors, one mini firewire, plus one internal full size connector.

    Dell USB floppy drive (can also be used internally in a laptop)
    - WonkyDoctor

    2 port PCI SATA adapter card

    BT Voyager 1040 PCI wireless network card

    x4 ide cables, a couple more short network cables, x2 20meter length network cables, USB to firewire cable, couple more av cables, USB assorted

    2 port firewire card


    Original Poster Banned…l=0

    Pictures of the bits plus or minus a few bits.


    So.. you're the one that hacked Sony. Tryna' make a run for it are ya?

    Great gesture though! Good one OP!

    Original Poster Banned

    Anything to save the world from yet another Seth Rogan film.. Admit it, I did you all a favour.

    Original Poster Banned

    Last attempt before it goes in the bin.

    Original Poster Banned

    Please expire.
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