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Posted 12th Jun 2021
Free game. Have Fun playing !!…our

Vehicle Stunt Simulator sandbox game is based on realistic car physics and optional Arcade style feel , both enables you to perform amazing and sometimes funny stunts in this openworld car sandbox simulator game that is constantly being developed for the past 5+ years, can you believe that, it shows the constant improvement . Drive many vehicles, crash and break them however you want, challenge your friends to do the best or the funniest stunt. aka "Hours of fun".

Vehicle Stunt Simulator provides:

Realistic car physics based game.
Mind bending obstacles to conquer over.
High Definition near 4k Graphics.
Xbox Gamepad support.
Free roam, open world sandbox.
Destructible vehicles.
Lots of Vehicles to choose.
Option for Realistic and Arcady feel.
Destruction Physics.

Infinite Stunts. Great for YouTube!

Expect free flash sales!
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