Free phone numbers!!!

    I really think we should have a thread for freephone numbers! I had to ring my bank to cancel a cheque and had to ring a specific number which start with 084 etc. I ended up waiting for over 15 mins without human contact and got really p****d. I hung up and found a freephone number for new customers and rang that up in the hope of getting through and asking to be transferred!!! Believe it or not i got through in half the time and got the job done without so much as a "you shouldn't ring this number" etc.

    So anyone got any freephone numbers for large compnaies like Sky, NTL, or banks and supermarkets and catlouge compnaies etc etc that they think would be useful please post here.

    Many thanks

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    I think most folks know about ][COLOR=blue][/COLOR], but this is a reminder for those who haven't heard of it yet

    P.S. Moving to misc forum.
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