Free PHP hosting?

    Can anybody recommend some free PHP hosting sites?

    I'm looking to set up a photo website and Guv has kindly recommended a program called 'Gallery', would like somewhere to try it out for now though. Would look into getting a paid for site eventually, if it does everythin i want it to and i think it's worth it

    Thanks if anyone can help


    I don't know any free php hosting....

    below IS 12 MONTH CONTRACT..

    Strato is quit a reliable host, their lowest cost is only £2.37 including vat. Remember not to ask for the software CD...…tml

    I use [url][/url] it's free and is ok for my needs, you may have to pay $10 to add on mysql support though.

    Edit: If you're considering strato-server then do note that their basic package does not include mysql support which you will need.

    More free hosts can be found here:

    I'm currently using to try joomla for one of my sites as it offers mysql for free.

    If you don't want to spend any money then I would suggest you give this host a try.
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