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Posted 22nd Oct
Badge and card application…eat

Many of our customers, particularly disabled people and those with invisible impairments, conditions or illnesses, find it difficult to get a seat. Our free 'Please offer me a seat' badge and card makes it easier to let other passengers know that you need a seat
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Great stuff, forum rule says repost is fine, and how is a badge asking someone to offer a seat was a deal before is unreasonable. This is a social policy campaign with an end user signage, to change social communual conduct.


Further publicity (not a UKHOTdeal for a service product called Priority Seating ):-

April 29, 2019, TFL

"At the start of Transport for London's (TfL's) Priority Seating Week, new research has revealed that around one in four passengers feels awkward about offering their seat to someone who might need it more. A survey of 1,000 customers also found that almost a third of passengers only believe that they should offer their seat if they are in a 'priority seat'."

"We understand that some people may feel uncomfortable offering their seats. Customers may also not have the confidence to ask for a seat if they need it."
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"Please offer me a seat, I have a knife" badge.
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