Free- Pokemon GBA Games Ruby & Sapphire

As it's the season of goodwill I've decided to give away to Pokemon games Ruby & Sapphire. Cart only - both USA verision and are in good condition. I will pick someone at random in the next 3 days


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Work on UK GBA's?I'd be interested.

I'm not sure about that? I don't have a GBA or a DS to test them on

count me innn

Yes please!!

im in ;D

plz count me in
merry xmas

My son would love these. Thankyou

thats nice of you count me in

yes please, that would be pokemon-tasic

count me in blud!

count me in as well please

and me please, but just consider me for one dont want to be all greedy

merry xmas and yes please count me in

Add my name to list please.

I'm in please

Love to be counted in too! Seasons Greetings everyone.
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