free postal calender

    does anyone know where i can get a free calender for my home.

    I dont mind what it is like as long as it has the dates and the months.

    im looking for this year 2009 at the moment but will be after 2010 soon

    thanks in advance


    I signed up to this, they usually send a calender each year!…es/

    This one allows you to add your own picture and you can specify whatever year required.…htm

    I've had a free Jack Daniel's one in the post before. It's worth signing up to their website anyway as they send you random stuff quite often; such as metal keyrings, passport covers, marinating brushes etc... (Sorry to stray off the subject)

    Original Poster


    These are sent out yearly.... … These are sent out yearly....

    thankyou very much it was the one i was looking for as i uesd to get these every year but didnt get it this time
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