Free President Homer Simpson bumper sticker

To all you Homer fans out there, claim your free Homer Simpson 08 president bumper sticker for free.

found this site worth it if ur a homer simpson fan



it beats gordon brown....dohhhh:p


gordon brown will never be president
i dont even know where to start saying whats wrong with that lol

im sure homer wouldnt see the need to invade a country for oil.... i mean be bothered to find weapons of mass distruction

he would get my vote if i was american

heat added. thanks.

"Currently we are giving away 8 freebumper stickers with the PresidentGriffin.com logo.."


Thanks just applied - its a bit more colourful than my current MSE sticker !

heat added thanks

Welshy x

have filled out the form lets hope it arrives i have a simpson mad hubby !!!!! he will be so chuffed :thumbsup:

There are only 8 to give away so don't hold your breath folks :giggle:

Beware folks, this is likely a scam.

It has a disclaimer suggesting this is *not* an official site. It seems likely they just want to harvest a load of personal info.

whoooooooooo lets give this some heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Ordered it for my son, thanks

:thumbsup: awesome
not sure about the site though!

this site is a scam

this site doesnt seem genuine as it has ads sponsored by google at the site, but anyways i vote for quagmire!


Moved to competitions as there are only 8 to give away.

I'm a bit unsure of this site - think I will give it a miss, thanks for taking the time and trouble to post though


Has anyone actually received a sticker?

They only had 8...

Hurray for HOMER!

I wanted a sticker but it looks like i'm getting a t-shirt! Awesome!


I know its from ages ago but cant resist a freebie sticker !

Under New Ownership!, Free Bumperstickers Are Currently Unavailble.
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