Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

    Please can someone move this to the download thread as I could not find it. Thanks :o)

    Free printable Christmas Gift Tags --WATCH FOR MORE !!
    You have two printable options.

    1. Each tag design has a PDF file that can be printed on card stock or cover stock and the tags cut out with scissors or a paper cutter. Print from any computer.

    2.The DOC files are in a MSWord business card template so that they can be printed on pre-perforated business card paper available at Wal-Mart or any office supply store. The designs are set for business card paper that has ten (10) 2" x 3.5" cards per page. You will need to already have MSWord or a program that will open Word files to use this option.

    In most cases the PDF files are smaller than the DOC files, so if you are on dialup, you may prefer to download those.

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