Free £15 Amazon Voucher with 2 Orders Over £30 at M and M Direct, Joules,, Moonpig and more!

Posted 27th Oct 2020…e76

Effective as and from Friday 23rd Oct 2020 - Sunday 15th Nov 2020)

Key Information
  • The £15.00 Amazon Voucher offer ("VC Exclusive Bonus") is valid when 2 Valid Purchases totalling £30.00 or more each (exclusions apply as set out below) are made at any of the Qualifying Retailers, between Friday 23rd Oct 2020 - Sunday 15th Nov 2020 ("Promotional Period").
  • After you have made each purchase, we will notify you of your progress via email or within your account area
  • Provided you meet the full terms and conditions of this VC Exclusive Bonus, you will receive an email from our gift card provider containing your £15.00 Amazon Voucher no later than 14 days after the end of the Promotional Period.
  • Exclusions: Minimum Spend Does Not Include Any Delivery/Collection Charges, Gift Card Purchases/Top Ups
  • Click here to view FAQs on this Bonus.
  • The £30.00 minimum spend: (i) does not include any delivery or collection charges, Gift Card purchases or Gift Card top ups, and (ii) is the order total after the application of any voucher codes, discount codes, online savings and use of credit or points.
  • In-store purchases, pre-orders and purchases completed over the phone do not qualify for the VC Exclusive Bonus.
  • Purchases made via the VoucherCodes app do not qualify for the VC Exclusive Bonus.
  • Purchases which use cashback or voucher code offers other than VoucherCodes' offers do not qualify for the VC Exclusive Bonus.
Valid Purchases
  • You must "opt in" to the VC Exclusive Bonus via the link displayed on the Qualifying Retailers page or on the VC Exclusive Bonus email sent before completing an online purchase with any of the Qualifying Retailers.
  • To be a Valid Purchase, you must log into your VoucherCodes account and click through a Qualifying Retailer’s offer on VoucherCodes or their “visit site” link on VoucherCodes before and during placing an online purchase. Your order must be in accordance with the VC Exclusive Bonus terms and conditions
Qualifying Retailers
  • Qualifying Retailers are identified here.
Please check for full terms and conditions.
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