Free ps2 games

ive seen people do a random draw thing recently for ps2 games

i have some games (will update wen more come etc)

they are wortless to sell and trade in so ill give them away.

please see post 1


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Post ONCE only

list -

Fifa WC 2002
LMA 2002
LMA 2003
Fifa 2003

Ill have some do I get to choose? If I win.

How nice of you.

Whats the list mate

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Ill have some do I get to choose? If I win.

just gonna do a random thing like others done

i want rid of them lol

How nice of you.


Whats the list mate

diggin them out

most will be football games

I'll have any of them. Your choice.

not entering but nice of you to give away

hi please may i have 1 or some for my son

My boys would love a football game if I get picked. Got them one off ebay and it didn't work, neither did the one from the car boot a couple of weeks back
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