Free: PS3 Band Hero Export Code

    This post is to offer someone the unique code which allows you to download the band hero track list into future titles (Guitar Hero 5 or Warriors of Rock).

    I recently Got the cheap deal and held onto my old manual when I traded it in last time in the thought of using the code so I have a spare code ..... Think it's £3.00 to export and saves you have to buy the game for the code.

    The pick will be totally at random if there is a big demand for it and I will email you the code asap.




    yes please

    Damn just missed it!

    EDIT: Or you picking at random? Anyway just let me know Thanks.
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    Original Poster

    Its unfair to decide between the two of us so please state why I should give it to either or of yous. I will decide upon that

    Oh I thought you said you were giving it away at random in the OP. In fairness if its between the two he was first to reply so I would only see that as fair in this situation!

    Original Poster

    I see that is very nobel of you agentjont although as I said it is at random so as you two seem to be the only two interested your names are going in a hat ..... yea I know two names in a hat lol you've got 50% chance

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    Original Poster

    you still want it agentjont cause your name got pulled out

    The Ghostbuster

    you still want it agentjont cause your name got pulled out

    Go on then pm me Thanks!
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