Remember these badass promotions from last year?
    Wouldnt it be nice if there were more free razors now that I've lost the old quattro titanium (no, ive not used it since last year, never got the chance as when I remembered just now, there is no chance of finding it )


    Buy one !!!! :-D


    thought it were a petition

    free razor rudduck now!!!

    bet your beards long

    I know what you mean - I got loads of these razors when they going for free - the price of blades is unbelievable. I love the Quattro ones - I need the protective guards to stop myself cutting myself to ribbons. Little pieces of tissue paper stuck to you all over is not an attractive look!

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    well, great idea, RAZOR MAKERS GIVE OUT FREE RAZORS!!!
    because I think these bic ones I got aren't posh enough :P although im pretty good withthem and very rarely cut myself

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    ray magini;4893719

    bet your beards long

    probably would be if i am that **** about what razor i use lol
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