FREE Recruitment Fair - Camp America

    Camp America is hosting a FREE recruitment fair all over the country. This gives you the opportunity to speak to camp directors and have an interview on the spot to work in a summer camp in the USA.

    Camp Directors are each looking to recruit staff for their camps, and all together there are thousands of seasonal work opportunities on offer. These fairs are an opportunity for you to speak to the Camp Directors directly about work on a summer camp.

    There is no need to make an appointment - simply turn up to the venue on the day. There are various types of camps attending the recruitment fairs including faith, special needs, inner-city, under privileged, girl scouts camps and more.

    Edinburgh- Edinburgh Assembly Rooms - 2-6pm - Wednesday 30th January 2008
    London - Kensington Town Hall - 1-6pm - Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd February 2008
    Belfast - Radisson SAS Hotel - 2-6pm - Monday 4th February
    Manchester - Manchester Town Hall - 2-6pm - Wednesday 6th February

    Taking part in Camp America has many benefits. It can help improve the confidence, responsibility and communication skills of young people as well as encourage and develop their independence and life experience. Travel helps broaden horizons and introduce a better understanding of other cultures.


    Free til ya sign up then its expensive imho

    vinylandtrinkets, I'm not interested (my wife might change the locks if I leave home for too long:giggle:), but it sounds like you had a good time - I've done similar things in my past & I have to say they're worth doing, as each one is an experience. Even the jobs that were not nice still added some value to my life.


    PM me the details please!

    I would like some info please, not 18 until may but think this could still be what i need.

    was lookin at this l;ast week. pretty much u work for 2 months and then have another 2 months to travel america. so pretty much with the money u get from camp u just about break even for trravelling there. Then u have to pay to go around US ofcourse but u get 10% off trek america.

    personally if your wanting to travel around america for a gap year might be worth doing. for a 42 day tour of US with a tour guide all ravel and acocmodation you see most things it works out at about 1500 british pounds. not too bad. but i think im gunna inter rail it in europe cant got wrong for around 300 quid unlimited rail fare to most european countries for a month.

    Original Poster

    yeah the camp america programme is just for 9 weeks and you can travel all across the USA afterwards. 2 of my friends went and they cant stop talking about it. They just about broke even aswell but said they gained a lot of friends and massive experience aswell. They got to travel for about 4 weeks after the programme finished so they got to see a lot of america and even stayed with friends they met at camp so they got free accomodation.

    Personally i just wanna try it even tho i know its gonna be really hard. i will go to the London fair and see if i get placed. I dont wanna get any Mickey Mouse job and it should be fun.
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