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Andrew Johnson is a hypnotherapist who sells a range of self hypnosis CDs and instant download MP3s online. The web site features free samples of his hypnosis CDs for weight loss, deep relaxtion, quitting smoking and other purposes which you can listen to and download, as well as free complete hypnosis scripts that you can record yourself.
These samples are extracts from our full CD / MP3 products, and allow you to experience Andrew's professional vocal style, the type of suggestions that are used once you are in a hypnotic state, and demonstrate the quality of our digitally mastered recordings - no distracting noise as found on inferior CDs / Mp3s.…php


How come everyone is voting cold when there are no comments or feedback to say why??? I've click on the downloads to give it a try.

Original Poster

[FONT="Arial Black"][COLOR="SeaGreen"][SIZE="3"]I dunno it happens alot to me. Would like to know why ppl voting cold it would help me.
Glad you like them, i've download a few.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]


Thanks for the link Voted hot

Here's what happens:-
Andrew Johnson says, "You are going into a deep sleep. When I click my fingers, you will awake. You will believe that my free MP3s are so wonderful that you'll immediately go and spend £300 on the whole set."

Moving to misc, we generally do not allow downloads as freebies

downloaded the weight loss 1 whilst eating chocolate !!!! Lets see if anything happens !!!
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