Free school meals help

    Hey all I am on jsa at the moment and claim free school meals

    I am working for dhl self imployed the wages are rubbish so decided to declare the money to the job centre to get £10 extra a week

    What I am wondering If I sighn off to work for dhl is there any way I can get free school meals still as I have 5 kids on my poor wage carnt affored it

    Thank you


    if you get working tax credits or earn over 16k you can't get free school meals unfortunately.
    You should be better off working so just do what i do, get up earlier and make packed lunches.

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    as above make packed lunches, you would have to give them lunch when they are home so wont cost much more to give them a packed lunch

    If the usual are about OP then i'd advise you put one of these on X)

    You must be kidding me..

    My middle DD always nags for school dinners, but me and hubby both work so even though the dinners are only £10 a week we just can't afford it. so eldest 2 get lunch boxes.

    I would just sign off as you now have a job and make the kids lunch boxes.

    Well done though for getting a job, many others wouldn't of bothered! The government just make it confusing financially when mums start work with the costs of childcare, loss of free school dinners.

    sandwiches and crisps....yummm!

    the advice given out in the first post is very good...if you cant afford it then give them packed lunches, pastas, crisps, fruit etc. better then sitting on benefits and not least ur kids will see that u are making a decent effort.

    School dinners aren't what they used to be.
    (As someone who eats on e most days.. Trust!)

    Not a bloody salt shaker to be seen!
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