Free self-sampling HIV test

Posted 20th Nov
Test kit

Self-sampling HIV test kits are available to anyone living in England.

The home test kit enables you to provide a small blood sample, collected from a finger prick.

Some samples will be tested for both HIV and syphilis, and others for HIV only, check the lab card that comes with your kit to see which tests we can run on your sample.

You will not need to write your name on your sample. The kit will arrive pre-labelled with a unique code. This is to ensure your testing experience is as easy and discreet as possible.

Results & Further support

We will send you a text when your sample arrives at the lab.

If there is not enough blood or if the sample gets lost or damaged in the post, one of our clinicians can offer you another kit to repeat the test.

The lab will run a test on your sample. This will give a negative or a reactive result. We should be able to give you your results within three working days of it arriving at the lab.

If you have a negative result we will notify you by text. If you are worried about privacy, you may want to amend the notification settings on your phone, so that text messages are not displayed on your home screen when your phone is locked.
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