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    This is more of a question than a hot deal. I was using Nimbuzz and found a setting labelled SIP. So out of curiosity I searched what this was... to cut a long story short it's a free telephone number pretty much. I then searched to find free SIP providers and stumbled across this one
    Seems like a good deal in theory, however I don't know much about them or how it works if I'm honest, so does anyone know more/use them?


    what is nimbuzz!

    Isn't this just another VOIP/Skype?

    did u go thru with the signup? am on the lookout for a ip service myself just to use as an incoming line

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    nimbuzz is a free application for mobiles that lets you log into instant messaging things like MSN/Yahoo... as well as internet call things like Skype/VOIP services.

    i'm not too sure about what exactly it is, it does sound a lot like a skype, except you get a telephone number so people can call you (i.e. an 020.. number if you're in London)

    was tempted to, but after searching, found a couple of negative comments about details given to third parties and numbers being changed without user's knowledge.... was hoping someone on HUKD had some opinion/experience on it though

    ah forgot about this post, i went and signed up as really needed a second line to give to work clients and stop them phoning my mobile when on the road, will let ya know how it goes lol.
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