Free sky+ box deal please (new customer)

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Found 3rd Jan 2009
Hey everyone,

Happy new year!

Im looking ofr a free sky+ box offer.

Im a new customer and sadly the refer a friend deal is only £50 M&S vouchers at the moment and the Sky+ box is £99.

Anyone know any better?

Many Thanks!


I had sky+ installed yesterday. Sadly the deal we got ran out on the 20th of dec.
We got :-
[*]£35 tracked cashback at quidco
[*]Free sky+ box
[*]Free Installation
[*]£15 off first months bill

Try giving sky a ring to see if they will honour the deal. I am sure they will do anything to get new custom. Gotta be worth a try.
So far they have been very punctual and helpful with my questions. Lets hope now I have sky that the customer support remains as good should I require their assistance...

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Thanks, I tried and they said only £50 m&s at the moment, the typical 'we cant put anything through the system'.

She advised me to wait and see as the offers change weekly, she didnt have an idea when the sky+ box offer would come back though :-(

Anyone else?


my b rother works for sky and they where or still are running a promotion that new customers who know a sky enginerr will get it free for a year so stop a van and ask the driver

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Thanks! Will try that

You should still be able to get a free Sky+ box with the recommend a friend deal. I received a letter offering it to me in December and to be honest they will normally do a Sky+ box free if you tell them it's a recommend. If you want to try just let me know.


my neice just got it with the recommend a friend deal, so she got £50 vouchers as did i and she gt a sky hd box put in the main room and a normal sky bx put in the bedrm for £99 plus £30 installation, if she wanted the main box t be just sky plus they would have done free installation

its getting fitted tuesday she booked it last week

i got my sky + for free, goto the guys with the lil stands that are normally in shopping centres. speak to them and explain you want sky+ for free plus free installation. they will sort it out for you as they work on commision, the way round it for me was to have a free trial of sky movies for a month and just cancel them before the end of the month. worked a treat. good luck

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Still no joy :-(

The refer a friend deal expired end Dec (it can be installed after but had to be booked in Dec) and they will not honour it.

Sky sales people in shopping centre would not give sky+ box for free only £99.

Sky engineer said call Sky and gave me a standard leaflet :-(

Anyone else got any tips / ideas?

Thanks again :thumbsup:

i've just looked in my interactive page and it still says refer a friend is active and it states a number to get you to call with a reference number

you probably got one of there plenty of staff who arent very helpful

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For the free sky+ box not the £50 m&s offer? :w00t:

If so please PM me the phone number and reference.


oh no, the m and s vouchers you get when u go thru refer a friend, i only recommended someone last week and she got 2 boxes one normal, one hd for £99 plus £30 installation, it gets installed today.

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Yep they will sell the HD ones or sky+ but not give one away, like they used too.

Looks like I will just have to wait till they change their offer.

phone them and tell them that you have been told by xxxxx that sky is better than virgin and that xxxxx is reffering you and told you that they give you sky+ free for the first 3 months, customer services will tell you that sky + is subject to 12 months tv recording and therefore you can have the 3 months free on whatever package you choose, however if you wish to cancel your service they will still charge you £10 a month for the remainder of the sky+ 12 month contract.

Hope this helps it got my auntie sky+, but we both got 6 months free subscription

Good luck

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Thanks for the help but that offer has expired, so it will not work for me.
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