Free Sky + Offer (click if you wish to join sky and want to take up the offer)

    Carried on from this thread…044…gif

    Ok im making a list so if anyone is going to get sky soon - please go from the top of the list and contact the member to see if they want to pair up with you both to get the free sky+ box- as with xbox free arcade games thread i think its fair to leave a max of 8 hours for the person on the list to get back to you if they dont then please move onto the next person and let me know if youve been paired up so i can mark you off the list

    [U The list goes :


    List is in order of people that asked first on the other thread

    Have Sky+ Now
    [U [U DylJones Has got Sky+ now
    [U cheztaz(paired with stelph)


    Could you stick my name on the list, i have sky btw.

    dandoc2. What an organised helpful person you are! Thank you for taking the time to do this

    Really good idea lets just hope people come in to this part of the site!

    Thanks for adding me

    rep for the mogwai in the christmas hat! great idea to keep this in a new post

    Original Poster


    rep for the mogwai in the christmas hat! great idea to keep this in a new … rep for the mogwai in the christmas hat! great idea to keep this in a new post

    I have that at home - bought it off for like £4

    nice! it's scary to think there must be people here who are too young to remember the gremlins films. I feel old

    I have sky in rochdale/Manchester am available if anyone wants to use me to get a free sky+ box, wouldn't mind one myself, thanks.


    oh, put my name down please. have sky and could do with a sky+

    Original Poster

    LOL got tons of people who have sky and want to join up but nobody whos a new customer


    I have sky and am willing to, want sky + heh

    cool idea add me if you would , if you dont ask you dont get.

    Count me in ... thanks

    forgot to menton - i have sky and it would be great to gets sky+


    Original Poster

    Thought id just quote the terms and conditions

    If you are an existing Sky digital subscriber and cause a further … If you are an existing Sky digital subscriber and cause a further customer, who is not a member of your household, to subscribe to any Sky digital package by 14 December 2007 you will each be eligible for a free Sky+ box if you are each first registered at, any new subscribers subscribe by calling 08700 248 901 and have their equipment installed and enabled by 14 January 2008. New subscribers will receive a free Sky+ box at the time of installation and existing customers will receive written details of how to book their free Sky+ upgrade once their recommended friend has enjoyed and paid for his or her first month’s viewing (seasonal delays may apply)

    So basically its saying there the person who you are referring will get their sky+ box on installation but they have to have had it installed by 14th jan 08 and paid and watched their first month before you get it

    I would love sky + I have sky at moment

    Hi - please can you add me to your listing, i am allready a sky user


    Please could you add me to the list. its for my parents. They have regular sky but not the +.


    Is anyone here getting sky anytime soon? if so pm me please



    if you searched you would find numeous threads on this already, me i cant wait for admin to pull them all, but till then try the search, hope this has helped:-D

    yeah - you could try a search

    Hey dandoc2, can you remove me from the list please?

    I just took up the offer in this thread:]Sky+ £30 (plus installation)

    Got tired of waiting, plus I can get it before Christmas rather than middle-end of Jan for just £30 extra than this deal

    Original Poster

    Lol this thread isnt really working as no-one seems to be getting sky
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