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Found 3rd Jul 2017

My sky hd box (6yrs old) is on its way out, I'm half way through my sky contract (60% off rrp). Is there anyway I can get a free/cheap sky q box from sky? I'm not fussed about the additional functionality but would be worthwhile having the latest equipment rather than buying a used hd box off eBay.

Thanks Dan
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Only Sky can tell you if they'll upgrade to to Sky Q for the same monthly cost...
When my Sky HD hard drive died halfway through a contract, they said the replacement would be a refurbished box, I refused it as the HDD would of had countless reads/writes and most likely soon die, losing my recordings and series recordings.
I said release me from the contract or replace it with a Sky Q box, as that is the only way to get a new box these days, they sent an engineer round and installed the Q box.
The Q is ok, it's got some handy features but does crash a lot, they're far from perfect and it's known.
Mine was similar (or so I told SKY - I actually just wanted the 1TB box !), and it was about 15 months back . They offered to send out an engineer for £80 to fix it . I told them then I would cancel my contract as it was no use to me intermittently failing (I wanted a new, at that time 1TB box ) . She said OK we'll send an engineer for £40 .
I then said " read my lips (granted a bit difficult over the phone ) send an engineer for free or cancel my contract " After speaking to her supervisor they agreed to an engineers visit for free . The engineer didn't even check the box just fitted a brand new 1TB model and antenna .

Moral of the story :- Your subscription is worth far more to them than the cost of a SKY box , just push them and threaten to cancel and they will send an engineer for free .

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1TB SkyQ will cost you £20 set up.
18 month contract.
2TB SkyQ will cost you £60 set up.
18 month contract.

Don't want a contract, then SkyQ isn't the best option, maybe look at second hand HD+ box saying you like a bargain (going by your discount)
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