Found 8th Jan 2008
I joined up with sky broadband and they took an age sending me the routers and parcelforce kept losing them.Finally received one last week and have since received another i need to let them know i have them or can i do whatever i want with them.If i let them know i have them can they ask for them back.
cheers in advance


Well, I guess for a start - did you have to sign for them?

If not, then most people would just keep them.

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i picked one of them up from the post office after the delivery driver asked if id picked it i was suppose to know it was there without him leaving a note i dont now.i will have to check as the other two came whilst i was in work.i am just wondering if they can block them if they arent used by myself.
cheers for the quick reply

if you can keep them and they are usable can i be cheeky and ask for one pls? :-D

If they can be used with any broadband package I would gladly take one off your hands.
Would be willing to pay.

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looks like i am gonna have to ring up and ask what they want me to do .if i can keep them and no one in the family wants them then i will gladly let them go.they have to be hacked into to get them to work with other isp's but instructions are available me and if they are available i will let you guys know.

u cannot reuse the router from sky unless you alter the settings as they are specific to sky and no use to other isps as u say

you have to flash the firmware to clear it, there is a link ]here
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