free sms text messages

    I remember reaading a while ago about free sms text messages, when you installed an application on your phone. I believe that it used data allowance instead (but as an sms is only 155bytes, not a lot really).

    If anyone would have any details on this, I would appreciate it.

    I have tried a search on this forum, but to no avail.


    this may not be what you were looking for but is worth knowing I think
    On 3 they do MSN any Yahoo for free - which is actually better than SMS, imo anway because you can have threaded conversations - much better than sms - of course both parties would have to be on 3 or the other party would have to pay for the use of MSN etc - the other good thing is that Skype is free so free voice calls on that too .

    Hi try Every message is 1.1p each. They give you an initial $1 for free. It's actually very good I have used it for months now.Hope this helps
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