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This might be a bit grumpy, but it *is* monday morning, so that's my excuse...

Should freeware be listed in the freebies section as there are plenty of sites devoted to freeware and shareware already on line.

cnet and snapfiles are both excellent for gratis software and all the programs I've seen listed in the freebies section are just bog standard, they (and similar alternatives) are widely accessible. Seems pointless (almost like posting "free sunshine today!").

Also if you get freeware from a reputable site they will guarantee that it will be virus free, which hotdeals can't.

I know it's not a big deal, but it all it takes is a few idiots to post links to stuff with viruses in and ppl could suffer serious issues (if they're that dumb).

What does anyone else think?

(PS I am in no way connected to any freeware or freeware hosting site!)


No, it shouldn't at it wasn't allowed to be - unless something has changed - there were a couple of attempts years ago to make a 'free software' thread but they kind of died, presumably due to lack of sticky threads.

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There's something on there every time I go and have a look at it, I only look at the freebies now and again and a while ago there were loads of apps and I've seen various programs on there too, the most recent being a youtube downloader (which could be seen as implicitly endorsing illegal copying of copyrighted material)
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