Free software to secure erase an SSD? Need to boot from USB.

Found 4th Jun 2018
I have an old laptop with a uSATA SSD so I can only access
it when it is installed in the laptop.

I want to secure erase it so need some software that I can
boot from a USB stick that will allow this.

Any suggestions? Thanks
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zeromx19 m ago


Thanks, I just looked it up and it doesn't seem to mention Secure Erase!
Agharta3 m ago

Thanks, I just looked it up and it doesn't seem to mention Secure Erase!

Then you need “darik’s boot and nuke”
Try just encrypting the drive with Bitlocker (or dm-crypt) and then initialise the drive using ntfs or ext4. You are VERY unlikely to leave any usable informatin after that.
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The issue with SSDs is spare capacity and wear levelling. You can't just write over/encrypt all the data using standard tools, because the OS only sees part of the storage.

You need to send the specific secure erase command to the SSD and let that wipe the data. I can't recommend anything bootable though as I've yet to need to do it myself.
Secure erase takes ages as needs to write on the whole drive. Gparted will format the drive so its good to go. Yes if you run a program to recover the drive it will still grab what's on it but that's not a problem is it. Do you really want to write over everything on the drive with junk then format so nothing can be recovered? Just do a 1 minute format as will appear clean and ready to run
zeromx3 h, 44 m ago

Then you need “darik’s boot and nuke”

'While DBAN is free to use, there’s no guarantee your data is completely sanitized across the entire drive. It cannot detect or erase SSDs and does not provide a certificate of data removal for auditing purposes or regulatory compliance.'
The current version of Parted Magic can do secure erase... not sure if the last free version can…gic
Also includes USB creation instructions
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