Free Steam PC Game - Goldeneye Source Mod - Nintendo remake.

The long awaited polished Beta is being released tomorrow Saturday the 7th of January 2009, be sure to download it!!

"That's right, the highly anticipated GoldenEye: Source BETA 3 has officially gone Gold! After extensive development, and hard work by our testers, we've finally got a stable build, ready for release. The BETA 3 has been a long development process, and probably even a longer wait for our community. The process all started with the switch to the new Source Orange Box Engine, and completely started our code from scratch, in light of the new Engine. We are very excited to have finally gotten to this point, and we know that you, the fans, will be even happier once you get your hands on it."

REQUIRES: Half-Life-2 or any Source game

Youtube Beta 3 Gameplay Video =…=18

EDIT: 07/02/09

You can now download it at any of the following:…tml…exe…exe…exe…exe…exe…exe


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Here's a few picture's and a Youtube Vid!

Youtube Beta 3 Gameplay Video =


I waited for the beta when it was released on Christmas Eve 2006 and it was great and it looks like it's been improved yet again!!

Wasnt even aware that this N64 classic was getting a Half Life 2 engined makeover, I take it its approved by RARE? Very cool indeed if they allowed the source code to be tampered with in a revised engine and released for free.


meh, Leave the classic game alone I say.

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You can download it now!!…ors

Worth the download. This is nothing short of phenomenal and every level is really, really impressive looking. Well done to the GE source team.

anyone getting this, i might give it a go

I would love to. Just got rid of my pc couple of months back. Would be downloading this. Do you know if theres any console ports of this with orange box pack?
Just bought a 64 to play this.
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