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Free Sunflower seeds #GrowHappy and enter the competition

Posted 27th May

Let’s all plant some of the very happiest flowers - sunflowers! - and see just how much happiness we can grow.

our 100 day challenge to grow the tallest sunflower starts here!

Share your progress along the way on social media


#GrowHappy and tag us @Landscape.Show

If you’ve got some sunflower seeds or can get hold of some that’s great, if not send an email to info@landscapeshow.co.uk and we will send you some.

So see what you can find to plant them in; an old shoe, a teapot, a small bowl, an actual plant pot! In about 7 to 10 days once the leaves start to appear, plant them in something larger so that can grow bigger.

Measure-up date: 31st August 2020

The winner will be announced 1 week after the close of the competition.
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I emailed yesterday to get some free seeds.. however they have run out it seems Thanks for posting anyway..
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