Free Tent / Gazebo/ Garden stuff wanted... please help! URGENT before 30 MAY!!

    Hi there,

    Im trying to organise a charity event and need some very cheap or things that really dont need to be in good condition as long as the bits are intact...

    Im looking for any tents/ tarpaulins/teepess/gazebos etc. I can collect from most places in the country as I have friends who are helping and supporting me...

    Just the types that maybe have a hole or two, or need replacing...just let me know and I can shift it and help you make some space!!!

    Send me an email at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or message me on here!

    Very urgent!! Event on 30 May...



    Just the types that maybe have a hole or two, or need replacing...

    Thanks for your post Coral78 - I take it you're asking for freebie giveaways from members which is okay in MISC. If you do intend to buy them though then this thread will need to be moved to FS/T Forum - if that's the case just use the report button ] let us know & good luck with the Event :thumbsup:


    also try local charity shops x

    Original Poster

    Many thanks for everyones advice!! Will do
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