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Found 25th Mar
Does anyone uses any trusted 3rd party app for analyze there spending...

I am using Barclays current account but there is no option for money tools I could found...

I am thinking just using a Third Party Tool, anyone knows one could trust for sure.

Thanks in advance
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With the advent of Open Banking, People should look on these 'tools' in the same way people are now looking at Facebook - a giant data sucking machine.

Open Banking has created AISPs. Account Information Service Providers. Doesn't sound scary does it? Let's look what an AISP does.

First, the banking or finance or budgeting app asks you to agree the Ts&Cs. In there, you agree to them, as an AISP, doing a data gather on any bank/savings etc account of yours that they can identify. They write to the bank as ask for ALL your transactions. Who, how much, when etc.

This is of course only done with the noblest of Customer Service intentions so they can help you. But in reality, they want to churn your business into new loans, credit, insurance etc contracts. They will aggregate (pronounced Cambridge Analytica) your data and sell, sell, sell.

I have never been a fan if trusting a door to door finance salesman and this is no more and no less than that. You might like to think about all the previous mis-selling scandles; PPI, Pensions etc and wonder how long before this blows up massively in your face.
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