Posted 12th Dec 2020
This is a discussion about the Three sim card that comes with 200mb of free data every month which can also be used for making and receiving calls in the UK and around the world. The data is refreshed every month, on you activation date.

The data is also usable abroad in Threes go-roam countries so great for maps and WhatsApp.

Your SIM will arrive in around 3 working days. Just register, plug in, and you're good to go. You can top-up if you need more data or to pay for PAYG calls and SMS.

  • The deal is still active. You don't need to spend £10 for to get this sim.
  • You don't need to top up to start using the free data. If you do want to top-up to get some calling and texting, or extra data, it's uses 3-2-1 sim rates.
  • The SIM works on phones and routers. Don't worry about their literature saying it's for tablets and dongles only. Or even their customer service reps saying the same thing.
  • Get the sim, put it in your device. It should automatically set up all APNs etc on your device, Switch off Wi-Fi. Switch on Three mobile data. The literature that comes with the sim says to go to "". DON'T! You will get the message "Sorry, your current SIM isn't eligible" if you do that.
  • Instead, go to - this will give you the registration form you need to complete and activate the free data. A link will be sent to your email to confirm registration. Click on it. You're done. 200MB a month free!

It's handy as 2nd or spare SIM for use with navigation apps or in an iPad where little occasional data is needed outside Wi-Fi or, as I am doing, as a 2nd SIM in a mobile phone. Yes these SIMs can be used in mobile phones and just top-up with some credit to make calls or send SMS and receive calls even when you have no credit.

You'll be able to receive calls and texts straiight away without topping up the SIM which will come with a new phone number; if you want to move your existing (or any other) number to your new Three SIM get a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from your existing provider and use the online form here. More info on porting is available on the Ofcom website.

List of go roam countries:…ons

More information on activating the free 200MB and registering the SIM here.
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