Free to good home - King Kong HD DVD

    As above.
    It doesn't have a booklet but the disk looks fine. Never tested as I never had a HD-DVD player. Got it with my PS3 ?!?!? Don't ask, long story lol

    The time according to me is now 22.43.
    I will let this run for one hour and then pick a post number at random.

    Good luck guys ^^


    I'll go in on the draw just got myself a hd player but havent got any dvds yet :-) xx

    yes please im in


    Count me in


    Heh nice off ya could you supply the hd dvd player to haha justa kiddin


    please count me in i think i got a hd drive on my laptop but never tried one lol

    I´d like it, put me down for this please.
    (not that I´ll ever win something lol but it´s fun tryin at least)


    me to please hun

    count me in


    im in please fella

    count me in please

    added rep for running cool comp too...
    appreciated...hope i win!

    Count me in, thanks :thumbsup:

    me to plz. moving house soon and this would be great to watch when we move in...

    very nice of you i'll try my luck

    Top fella, im in :thumbsup:

    (I only have 1 HD-DVD at the mo' :oops:)

    Me too mate thanks:)

    Lets hope i'm the lucky one :thumbsup:

    gotta be in it to win it I guess ta

    You got a hd dvd with your ps3?

    count me in please


    Moved to MISC as it's a freebie, but it's a nice thing to offer for free morrk. As feedback isn't applicable, please note that the winner can still leave reputation for the OP instead if they wish to show their appreciation - purely at their own discretion of course, thanks :thumbsup:

    Me please

    I am just wondering how many of you really have HD DVD player :-D It is not the same as Blu-ray player... Just a notice, don't beat me please :-D As far as I know, you can't buy anymore HD DVD players...

    count me in boss!!!!

    i am in

    could you include me in your draw as i have just got hd dvd player and have not got any films yet, thanks:-D

    And me please . . .

    Original Poster

    I said don't ask :P

    The guy that had the ps3 before me only bought it as he had King Kong and wanted to watch it.

    When he found out it didn't work he didn't want the ps3 anymore as he thought HD-DVD to be the way forward lol. He only had it about a fortnight before selling it to me. I got
    it really cheap and the 60 gig ps3 was hard to come by at the time

    I got a good deal back in Dec 07 and today I am passing it on


    You got a hd dvd with your ps3?

    I love a Raffle, Thanks.

    count me in please.

    might as well say enter me too thanks. sorry forgot to say please x

    Can I put put in the hat please

    me please!!!!!!

    Yes please

    . . .

    that is fun! like lotto! count me in

    Yes please!

    Original Poster


    Yes please


    me please
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