Free toilet training certificate - Boys or girls (pdf email)

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Found 19th Dec 2008
Something I've just stumbled across...

Download a pdf certificate to reward your very clever big boy/girl when they become potty trained.

Looks nice too!…htm



good idea

might be an idea to share the link ?

im potty training at the moment driving me mad

Heres the thing my three year old is toilet trained but the problem is he is not the greatest of readers. Are you with me?

What age is it are these kids supposed to know what it says??

Jeez...what are they gonna do with it...put it on their wall until they are 9 or 10 and then read it.

Not sure what happened to the link...loads available here tho!


thats my dads xmas present sorted

Nice one. Christmas present for my brother sorted...

potty training...was very lucky with my number 1.... he had awful nappy rash one point so took his nappy off..he was 2 and a half and so had to let him get some air and therefore ketp taking him tilet to ake sure he wouldnt make a mess...and he just took to it really well. pretty second son is 2 but sems miles away from potty training! he is a cheeky lil un!

In the middle of training my 20 month old. Wish me luck!


In the middle of training my 20 month old. Wish me luck!

mines 2 1/2 it hard as she doesnt talk and doesnt use the potty if i leave the room for 2 secs, think she holds it in till i leave lol

First one was a star. The little one is 2 years and 8 months, far from being trained and drives her nursery keyworker nuts!!!:oops:
When I ask her why did you wee in your pants, she justs says "You must wee in the toilet!!" and walks off:roll:

My other 2 (1 boy & 1 girl) kids were both trained before the age of 2 so I hope this one's the same as I have another on the way!

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Hmm...looks like its been moved to misc or something. I'll edit to include the link....
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