Free Tombola Bingo £5 Voucher Code Give away

    I have 5 to give away, They can be used by new and existing members.

    These were all published in Whats On TV magazine, You can use one voucher per issue of each magazine their published in.

    I've already used one ( I had 6 ). I've already tried to redeem them but it won't let me, I've tried opening new accounts and it still won't let me. Because I've already tried using them their is a chance they won't work.

    Rather than throwing them away I thought someone on here might like to try one.

    If they work and you happen to win I'd happily accept a donation ( You don't have to but it would be a nice gesture ) via paypal or something.

    First 5 who say please can have one voucher each.

    I'll pm you the voucher code.

    Strictly one per person.

    Thanks and good luck..!!!


    Yes please. I will give it to my mum

    Original Poster

    To all them that miss out, You can get a free no deposit required £5 at Mirror Bingo but you'll have to be a new user. If not you could create a new account and use a different debit/credit card and email address.

    When registering just use this code "loquax" without the quotes in the Promotion code box when registering.

    Original Poster


    Yes please. I will give it to my mum

    pm'd mate, 3 left

    Original Poster

    Sorry all, It looks like I've blacklisted them, Sorry to disappoint

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