free torrentleech intive

    hello everyone, i got a torrentleech invite im will to donate to a good home

    if you want it let me know via this thread and i'll give it to someone random before i go to bed tonight


    I'll take it if nobody wants it

    il have it bud

    im in lol:thumbsup:

    Yes please.....

    im in.please

    yes please

    yes please!
    can swap one for or demonoid......

    -i would like it please! have an iptorrents one you could have in return

    I'll throw my hat in before I'm too drunk to type

    You deserve banning from TL.

    Original Poster


    You deserve banning from TL.

    lol ok..

    think its your send us your email address.

    Did anyone receive an invite then? if you did can you please pm me, thx!


    You deserve banning from TL.

    They will get banned.


    You deserve banning from TL.


    this is not actually illegal on TL, torrentleech dont mind people giving invites out of free will but trading or selling invites is very forbidden as its for personal gain and results in a ban
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