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    dont know if people have heard of this but if you go to freecycle website, you can put things up for offer that you dont want and search for things you do. idea is that nothing goes to skips and there's many things on offer, from tv's to sofas to crockery to ps3 games....

    there's a different freecycle for each area.

    sorry if this is of no use but thought i'd let people who may not know about it aware.

    website is


    It has been mentioned a few times in the past, but always worth refreshing peoples memory. I read recently though that it's really hard to join because each area is looked after by moderators who can be very picky on who they let offer items. Also it was mentioned on the same page that if the items worth having, the moderators usually have first dibs on it before it hits the page.

    I believe there's a few people on here that use it and can possible shed some light on the good and the bad points are.

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    sorry! :?

    I use Freecycle.......great that you can get rid of stuff but a thank you wouldn't go amiss from some people, gave someone a brand new blow up bed, dropped it off to them on my way out. It was grabbed at the front door with no thanks or anything.

    good points might help out genuine folk
    bad points proffessional beggars that email everybody offering then turn up in fancy cars/vans that are just gonna sell it on for profit

    just offer it to charity shops and before every 1 says they make massive profits 2 at least something goes to good cause


    sorry! :?

    Not a problem I was just pointing out all the controvesy and debate it has brought up.

    Personally I use my local British Heart Foundation furniture shop. They have lots of bargains and you know where the money is going to.

    My Tv is a panasonic crt 28" widescreen for £25. Bargain. Try out your local shop. My one seem to have lots of Tv's.

    Freecycle is definitely grabilicious, I have been put off by things I have heard and emailed a couple of people when I was looking for a temporary DVD player but everything was gone.

    I would use Gumtree myself if it's not an item I could take to the charity shop, but that's probably just the same as Freecycle.

    My local freecycle is fine.
    I freecycled loads of stuff when I moved house as I just didnt have time to sell it.
    I have also received some stuff from freecycle....a sofa (which needed recovering but is tremendously comfortable), a coffee / capachino (yeah I know i cant spell) machine, some vinyl records, a nintendo ds which was broken but I got it fixed and gave my daughter for xmas as I couldnt afford a new one.

    I always try and be polite & thank everyone.

    Freecycle is good IF your local group is run right and not by little hitlers or people who cant be bothered to vet the posts correctly and allow the same people to place loads of wanteds on.

    I started by getting rid of stuff on ours then had a few bits back too and now am a moderator on ours.


    jeeze by the time i get an email showing the item im also getting an email to say its gone, i must get about 300 emails a day off them, its nuts

    We managed to pick up a pretty decent 32" silver crt tv yesterday. In the past we've been lucky enough to receive a big garden gate, a wrought iron headboard, a 32" sony crt tv, a £150 double tier rabbit hutch, brand new elyptical cross trainer and more.

    We have also given away loads of childrens toys and clothes. I would never give anything to anybody who is impolite in their messages though. Some people on freecycle just have a bad attitude and try and grab absolutely anything you offer.

    I have had nothing but a good experience on my local Freecycle - me and my man hate going to the dump so lately everytime i need to go i put the item/s on the website to see if anyone wants them and so far everything has been taken quickly and with thanks

    jeez, the cumbrian one is based on this stupid yahoo group thing and despite using the apply to join button to give away some stuff they never bothered responding, silly load of usefull stuff ended up in a skip when we demolished our garage...
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