Free TV on your computer

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but here goes:-
    I seem to remember a programme or something you can download so you can watch TV on your computer.
    Not the Digital or Cable type.
    Does anybody know what I mean please? I've searched the web for ages and I can't find it. :oops:


    I think the main free tv software is

    I use this software, its great for footy.

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    Thanks for the reply Jonny but the Url took me to a 'dead' Chinese site :?:

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    Nice one Olivia.
    Thanks everybody :roll:

    Olivia, I P/M'd you about the 'gold' Sim card a few days ago. Did you read it?

    yea m8 soz 4got 2 get bak 2 u on dat... i have it on ebay if u wana take a look

    mod edit: removed eBay link as they're not allowed in the forums


    This is free for the basic full-wroking version... it's a bit like the software olivia has.

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    Thanks Ducky :thumbsup:
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