free UK calls = free dial up internet?

Found 8th Dec 2009
Hi, I am going to have a home land line instaled next week. (the broadband will take another 3 weeks to set up)
As I will be getting free UK calls, does that I will be able to use for dial up internet as long as I browse UK based websites?
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Not unless it has changed, I used dial up once by mistake, just used the number.......the bill was over £40 for a couple of weeks.
The numbers are ones that are excluded from your free offer.
you will need to use a different phone/number for each website
Most of the free call deals apply only to standard landline numbers and not the typical ISP number prefixes (0845 or similar), or calls to mobile numbers. I would be careful before spending hours on the Internet via dialup!

as mentioned before... BT offer free calls to 0845 numbers so my sister used an 0845 dial up for a month and got a bill for £140!!!!!!!!!! thats the full year price of broadband - so for christmas I have bought her broadband
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