Free UK landline and mobile calls with Amazon Alexa NOW rolled out across the UK!

Posted 14th Jun 2019
You can now ask your Alexa smart speaker to call your landline and mobile contacts

in the UK, giving you a hands-free way of staying in touch. This is a major game changer and adds significant functionality to Alexa.

By giving giving it access to your contacts book, you can ask Alexa to call the name of someone and have your smart speaker patch you through to her smartphone. You can also get it to voice dial numbers.
It's a service which has been available in the US, Canada and Mexico for a while, but now Amazon is rolling it out to UK customers. Currently, UK customers with Alexa-enabled speakers have only been able to call other Alexa speakers, limiting the appeal a little. The ability to now call external phone numbers, will see more people calling upon Alexa to dial friends and family without having to lift a finger.
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