Free UK Landline calls and some international calls from your computer, other cheap rates aswell

Posted 2nd Mar 2008
I was looking for a way to ring UK Landlines for free from my computer and found this…tml

it lets you do exactly that plus it lets you ring other countries for free like:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong (+mobile)
New Zealand
Russian Federation
Singapore (+mobile)
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States (+mobile)

bad thing is you only get 300 minutes a week but thats still 5hours!

the software is free, and so far it seems good, ive had no problems so far (ive had it one day)
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I use Voipcheap and it's very good apart from the occasional echo on the line. It's excellent if you have a laptop on holiday (sad, I know, but the kids can watch videos on it!) and you can phone home for free!
You get free online texts with VOIP cheap too.

If you have a phone that accesses the net - it means texting for data charges - so free if you have an inclusive data package - free if you use a free virgin sim while on holiday - or
You can now make FREE calls to several countries. These calls are limited to 1 minute per call.

If you want UNLIMITED calls to our FREE destinations please go to our website and buy credit. Every 90 days
where does it say that?

where does it say that?

i was wondering that too. the trial thing is limited so maybe that is what he is on about.

Ive just registered and tested it out, seems to work well. You dont have to put any credit card details in or anything so its not like they can charge you if you go over the 300 free minutes, i guess it just stops working until you put credit on or wait for the following week's allocation.

Even more reason to tae my laptop with me on hols in the summer! :thumbsup:
Your VoipCheap registration details are:
Username : ******
Password : ******

You can now make FREE calls to several countries. These calls are limited to 1 minute per call.

If you want UNLIMITED calls to our FREE destinations please go to our website and buy credit.
Click here to go to our website:…tml

Other useful links:

- How does VoipCheap work? Click here:…tml

- You can find our rates here:…tml

- Send textmessages (SMS) to mobile phones using VoipCheap:…tml

- If you have any questions, visit our FAQ:…tml

Kind regards,
VoipCheap Customer Services

So yes you can make 300 1 minute calls a week:w00t:
The silence is deafening :whistling:
Been using voipcheap for 2 years now great service .

The silence is deafening :whistling:

lol, alright you got me there :oops:

lol, alright you got me there :oops:

Got me as well don't forget:oops::thumbsup:
still, even buying credit to get longer calls, im sure it works out alot cheaper than calling from abroad when on holiday than on a mobile and certainly more than extortionate phone cards etc...
How does this compare to services like Jajah and Nonoh?
just been doing a lot of online learning on voip (as my new router supports direct voip) and there are plenty of similar companies to choose from
this site lists all companies that use the same backbone as VoipCheap and compares their rates:…max
the site with the simplest explanation about everything to do with free voip that i found is:
also you can find lots of info here

hope it helps someone
Iv'e used this to ring my brother in france for 2 years it costs me 10p a minute to ring his french mobile then free when he got a landline.
VoipCheap is ONE a 15-20 brands offered by Betamax/Finerea (spelling?).

You really need to be sure WHICH of their brands you want to buy into as each has:
- different free countries
- different freeday allocation for each credit - eg 90 days or 120 days
- different voice CALL rates (both landline & mobile) - eg from 8p/min to a UK mobile (JustVoip) to c25p/minute
- different SMS rates/freebies
- some are priced in GBP, some in Euros (so top ups vary)
- some can work with a regular VoIP SIP device/circuitry (eg in the o2 broadband wireless box) but NOT all
- some offer a VoIP IN UK number (eg 0560 which is a regular landline 01/02 call of most BT customers though not for Virgin etc ) for a one off 1 euro fee, others dont

So it DOES pay to be sure which of their brands you want to commit that 10 euros + VAT (ie £9.50 for a credit with InternetCalls last month for me).

Here's quite a good comparison of the the various brands/rates - not been updated since Oct 2007 but I dont think they've updated their call rates since either. I personally have used InternetCalls for almost 2 years and quite content with it.…max (though the link wasnt working for me a few mins ago - was working earlier in the week).
Vonage Rules ([url][/url]). You dont need to carry your laptop and you get a regular UK landline number through which you can make unlimited free calls to 13 countries per day.
I have my account with Voipcheap for about two years now. It works pretty well with ATAs, so no need for PC at all. As to Vonage - why would anyone want to pay monthly fee for something you can get for free? And calls are much cheaper on Betamax too. Support is non-existant, unfortunately.
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how much is the min credit?
Epic bump.
Heck 5 years 6 months since last post then 2 in 13 minutes.

Heck 5 years 6 months since last post then 2 in 13 minutes.

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