Posted 17th Aug 2018
Just a heads up as some people may not know about this. If you are a University/College/Sixth Form staff member (or are friends with someone who is)and have an academic email address (i.e. it ends, you can set yourself up a free UNIDAYS student account (also works on StudentBeans too using a similar process). This is for any staff, so not just lecturers etc. but support staff, clerical staff, any staff who have a email.

Step by step guide

1 . Visit Unidays

2. Click Join now and set up an account using your email address (doesn't have to be your academic email at this point)

3. After doing your email preferences, choose your institution where you work, and choose a course (Type in any course name, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Nursing etc.). I then choose 1 for year of study and 3 for course length then click continue

4. Depending on the institution you've chosen, it will either ask you for an email address or you will be given the option to verify via your learning portal.
  • If it just asks for your email, provide your academic/institutional email and click send email
  • If it asks you to login to your learning portal, do not click launch portal. Instead, click on the try alternative method button. This will then give you the option to verify by email, at which point provide your academic/institutional email and click send email

5. Verify your account by clicking through from the email you receive. If you don't get an email, follow the on screen instructions.

UNIDAYS/Studentbeans are great for online student discounts (also things like half price spotify too!), but also work in shops too. All you need to do is download the app for smartphone, and one you login and set up, you will have a digital student ID card.

The Get deal link at the top will take you direct to the UNIDAYS website…-GB
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