FREE Virgin Media Stream Box (new and existing customer's) 200mb or above plans.

Posted 23rd Oct 2022
To do battle with sky's newly launched streaming service, Virgin Media are now waiving the £35 activation fee for vm stream, on plans of 200mb broadband and above, this offer is available to new and existing customer's.

The stream box allows you access to freeview channels ideal if you don't have an arieal, and also paid addons.…eam
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    Does anyone know if I can get ALL the freeview Chanels on this? (edited)
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    I am an existing customer with M200 broadband and phone, do i need to call them to get this offer?
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    I got one when I took out my broadband with them and it's still in the cupboard. No need for it.
    Looks like it could be worthwhile as you get many of the freeview channels and in HD so handy if you have a TV in a room with no aerial. Would have been handy for me but as I say you can only get one if you are a broadband only customer
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    Am I right in thinking that you can only get this if you are a broadband only customer? I thought this would be handy so I asked Virgin and they said you can't have one if you are an existing Virgin TV subscriber
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    It would be handy for me as we can't get any signal where we are, however I was promised my Broadband issue would be sorted on Friday and they would give me a courtesy follow up call on Saturday, neither happened... (Well an engineer did call out on Friday, but he told me the issue was cabinet side and there was nothing he could do - I did point out that I was told it was the network team that where to call out and I wasn't expecting a knock on my door!?)…217
    All I can say is thank goodness I managed too blag a few 1p Lebara SIM deals or I wouldn't have any internet connection!
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    what is the software like for Netflix and Disney and does it support 4k and audios codecs
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    I'm going to guess that those on business broadband (like me) wouldn't qualify for a free box. Shame.
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    I've just rang them, they said because I've got a v6 TiVo box I'm not entitled to having a streaming box, he said I can add another TiVo but not a stream box
    I'm on 200mb as well!
    And getting another box wouldn't have been free would it?!
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    I am being told no setup fees but there's is activation fee
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    now say there is set up fees 35 which covers if it breaks etc, but can reduce this to tenner
    Set up fees? It’s plug and play isn’t it?
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    saying offer just for new customers
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    No dice on my end. Wouldn't budge on Activation Fees. They initially said the Stream Box will be a one-time cost of £40 then reduced that amount to £25. Out of curiosity, which number did you guys call (Is it the one on VM's Stream Box Page)? (edited)
    I used what apps, I showed them pic that it says free for above 200mb and above, then went on about set up free, kept going on, finally said can do for tenner but finally got them to waive it,lol you would think there would want more ppl on stream box,
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