Free VOIP providers in UK

Posted 11th May
Can some point me to a free provider of VOIP services, based on their experiences?

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whatsapp. brilliant
ccnp11/05/2020 19:11

whatsapp. brilliant


I meant a proper VOIP to use Home BB data.
Don't know of any totally free VoIP provider. But Sipgate offer free accounts and local phone numbers and free Sipgate to Sipgate calls, and rates to Landlines are very cheap. Been using Sipgate Basic (PAYG not bundles) for over fifteen years via an ATA and PC and Smart phone apps, so recommend them.
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Sipgate. No issues with its consumer service. No service charges, no monthly fees, zero cost voicemail to email, freebie UK number provision or optionally port-in your existing landline number for about £25 (unless you have an obscure landline service provider), optional outgoing calls from 1p/min.
Porting info:…om-
Onlydongles11/05/2020 19:27

?????I meant a proper VOIP to use Home BB data.

You can use WhatsApp over home BB data.
Good to know guys.

Thanks for your kind inputs. Any other options?
i bought a free number from years ago - now i think they charge for it.
but they are decent
I've used voipbuster. UK landline calls are Euro 0.01 per minute plus vat. Give you free minutes to a number of international countries including USA
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