Free vouchers offered

    I have 3 unwanted vouchers that has been given to me.

    £30 off any Dell mini netbook
    £35 off a sony home theatre system ( is £99.97)
    £20 off any Sony camera or camcorder

    Voucher valid till 31st Dec 2010.
    All to be spent in Tescos.
    Let me know if you want them, I will put in the post box later x


    can i have sony theatre system please

    Original Poster


    can i have sony theatre system please

    Yes sure, PM me your address I will post it 1st class today

    Im just off to do school run to anyone else who replies, I will get back to you asap x
    Edited by: "beth3735" 14th Dec 2010


    Nice thing to do Beth.

    We need more member's like you on this forum.

    Have a great christmas.

    Original Poster

    Thank you DLM, hope you have a nice Christmas too!

    Patbeh, i have no pm yet, will keep eye out for it
    Anyone else for any?



    can i have the £20 off a camera

    Original Poster

    yes sure, pm postal address when you get a chance

    Original Poster

    Anyone want any of these?
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