Free VPN that functions well abroad?

Posted 18th Nov
Hi guys currently I am away abroad on holiday and I was looking for some free vpn that can help me use apps that works in UK, any good suggestions?
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Turbo VPN worked for me
£12 is a small price to pay to bypass a lifetime of frustration from poor service, inconsistency, mediocre performance and limitations from freebie services
5 devices (where each device can be routers feeding multiple downstream devices)…483
or possibly
2 devices…541
I would suggest you to pay couple quids for decent VPN and you will have it for a longer time and it will be more reliable. Choice is yours.
Good luck in the Emirates...
If your not paying you are the product. Avoid free VPN's at all cost.
Personator123418/11/2019 14:44

If your not paying you are the product. Avoid free VPN's at all cost.

mid also add lifetime subs to that too, if you are paying a tenner for a lifetime of VPN you are also the product.
Thanks guys for your comments and suggestions, I have found and currently using one called " Super VPN" which works well so far, it is a rated at 4.4 with over 50+ K downloads, I don't see drawbacks of such so called free vpn in comparison to the ones which is paid, I know that you get more benefits from the paid one of course and may have more features, but the use of it is limited and known, in terms of security I am also not sure if one is more protective than others, if it works well and its not paid for, should I still be concerned?
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