Posted 29th Apr 2020

Households across much of England, Wales and Northern Ireland can bag a range of free water-saving gadgets. They're available all year round, but stock has been boosted right now, with more than 250,000 up for grabs – ideal timing as we're likely using more water at home during the lockdown.

While the freebies are funded by the water companies, it's water efficiency firm Save Water Save Money that manages the distribution of 'em.

Products vary by water company, so what you can get depends on where you live and what's available at the time (and unfortunately some areas won't be able to get anything for free).

The gadgets on offer include shower heads (which help regulate water usage, normally £20), tap inserts (to regulate water flow, norm £5), garden hose nozzles (also to regulate flow, norm £2.50) and Save-A-Flush bags (which you place into your toilet cistern so each flush uses less water, norm £2).

How do I check if I can get them and how do I apply?
For most, you'll need to go via this Save Water Save Money link – enter your postcode in the 'free water-saving devices' box, then click through to your company to see the freebies available, and enter your details to get 'em sent for free within 28 days.

For Anglian, Northumbrian, Thames and Welsh Water customers, you'll need to use Save Water Save Money's savings calculator to access the freebies. This will also work for customers of other firms, if you want the free report, which'll let you know how much water you're using, what freebies you can claim, and also sets challenges that can help you cut back your usage.

If you're one of the few who can't get freebies through Save Water Save Money, contact your water company directly to see what's available.
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